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The Things I do


I've always been an avid fan of music. I always sing(in the shower) I play the guitar, the piano, and the saxophone. I can't imagine life without music. Can you? You can!? You're a monster.

web Development

Isn't it obvious. This is my own webpage of course I'm into web development LOLOL. Anyways I guess I'll just say "Thank you!" for taking time visiting my site. I feel honored for you giving your time for me :))

Sports / Games

I'm kind of the athletic type. I think the only sport I haven't tried yet is hockey. I just want to engage myself in fun activities, and sports is fun. And DOTA, yeah, that's fun :))

Blogger Wannabe

I just started blogging, travel blogs mainly(view here). It's just that I travel a lot and I want people to be inspired, make them feel at least with my words the travel feels, so they may want to travel too. Well, that's the plan.

Hello, I am John.

I've been a web developer for almost 6 years now and it's a good source of income LOLOLOL. I'm not that nerdy type of guy who weirdly knows all things but I'm that always-wanna-learn type of guy. I don't want to be the bad guy, I know chicks don't dig good guys but I just want to spread goodness into this world, I think its decimating. And I always smile. Always( even though i have beastly teeth ). Those who don't know me at first brand me "crazy" for always smiling and you know what i do? I just smile :)) Hmmmm what else can I share outside of my shell... oh yeah, I haven't owned a cellular phone like since 2 years after college LOLOLOL. I wrote about it here) :)) Everytime I meet a new friend, first degree of shock always takes place :D If you wanna know more about me, hook me up. I'm very friendly :)

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