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5 days 4 nights Malaysia Singapore Itinerary

By |December 30th, 2015|Travel Blog|4 Comments

5 days 4 nights Malaysia Singapore Itinerary


  • As of October 2015 in NAIA Travel tax is P1620 and Terminal fee for International travel is P550
  • 4 hrs before your flight your international flight you can already check-in and go for immigration approval
  • Steps: Pay travel tax > Check-in > Terminal fee > Immigration approval > Fly
  • Bus from KLIA 2 to Pudu Sentral only costsย 10 RM. Pudu Sentral is just 300m away from Chinatown/Winsin Hotel(where we stayed)
  • Selatan Bus terminal to Singapore Beach Road costs 45 RM. Beach Road just 1km away from Marina Bay.
  • Bus will stop twice, first KL immigration for exit, second SG immigration entry. There will be a lot of walking and neverย worry if you’re taking too long, your bus will wait. They always take note of their passengers( that’s what happened to us ).
  • No Travel tax/Terminal fee in Changi Airport

First day in KL was our city tour with our fluffy friend Victoria. We tried archery, ate authentic local foods, visited a Chinese temple, and the beautiful Petronas Towers. Then at night we had the chance to experience KL night life food trip. That was one of my fullest days ever(fat mode on).

Second day we found ourselves wandering outside the city proper, with our badass friend Koo/Balang and this crazy-good russian/korean girl Sonya. We visited an Indian temple, fed a lot of obedient and friendly monkeys, visited a fisherman village, and tried their seafood dishes by dinner. Last and best thing we did for that day was the firefly watching. It was raining then but it didn’t seem to bother the fireflies. They looked like stars in the night sky, not so flashy, quiet, solemn, beautiful.

Third day we dipped in on of the infamous yet spell-bounding falls in KL. Only a few knows about it said our friend Koo. In the afternoon we went to the iconic and truly photogenic Batu Caves. Last stop was the Masjid Wilayah, you’ll gonna learn a lot about Muslim culture in there.

Want food? KL’s Nasi Lemak is a must-try! In the case of the city streets and public transport KL is way better than my Philippines. But with regards to the people I’d go for Filipino’s specially when you’re at KL Chinatown. In there are a lot of Indian-looking guys, no offence but their stare is very intimidating, like they’re looking at you like they got a problem with you or something LOL. This is how most of us felt, I even asked a number of tourists and this is their only negativeย comment. But don’t be alarmed though, it’s just their stare, all in all it’s all good ๐Ÿ™‚

We just felt so lucky and blessed as an angel treated our stay in Marina Bay Sands. I mean, WHAT!!! I still can’t believe I’ve checked in there. It was a badass but plainly expensive hotel. But I just fell in love with their infinity pool. Overlooking the bay, under the stars, over the city lights, it was a nice spot to think about stuff :))

The Merlion was small(it looked so large in pictures)! Walking around the Bay area was nice. People smiling everywhere, clean environment, it was plain superior good vibe. It was also my first time to ride a Chrysler and it’s a taxi in SG!

The Gardens by the Bay was plain beautiful. The combination of nature and human intelligence can really produce beautiful results.

Leaving Marina Bay, as I sat near the entrance/exit I only saw a few happy faces, maybe because ย most of them were just there for business. But staying at a very expensive yet awesome hotel, yeah, happiness and money just ain’t proportional. And for some it’s like they treated it as a social climbing vicinity, and that’s just sad.

5 days 4 nights Malaysia Singapore Itinerary

5 days 4 nights Malaysia Singapore Itinerary

5 days 4 nights Malaysia Singapore Itinerary

5 days 4 nights Malaysia Singapore Itinerary

5 days 4 nights Malaysia Singapore Itinerary
5 days 4 nights Malaysia Singapore Itinerary


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