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That girl from Canada

By |July 31st, 2015|Uncategorized|2 Comments

It’s all because I hesitated.
Now, I only know –
How taller you are than me but not exactly
How sparkling your gold-like eyes were
How you have few cloaking freckles
How it feels to hold a hand of a girl as big as mine
How you set off your dazzling smile after my corny pickup lines
How smart you are taking up Masters in Business
Even smarter as you were an exchange student in Singapore
How your eyes spell frustation when people are laughing
And you want to know what is it about *perks of being in another country*
How happy you were knowing there are other ways to open junkfoods, not just pop it open
How you enjoy good company but you’re the kind of soul that fervently wants to travel alone

Now, my memory of you is slowly fading into extinction
Maybe it’s my minds defensive mechanism of thinking too much about someone I don’t really know
I know you were just being nice
And the feeling is not mutual
That’s why it’s okay

Faster than ice cream melting under the heat of the sun
Double-time effort like low-salaried workers
Pronto as white tigers getting extinct
You’ll forget me
And it’s okay

diamonds are forever

Chill friends, this was a product of plain infatuation LOLOLOL :))

Liking a canadian girl

Liking a canadian girl

Liking a canadian girl

Liking a canadian girl

Liking a canadian girl
Liking a canadian girl


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